Welcome to the New Server

23 October 2006 In: Workflow

I think I’ve finally fully moved over to the new server. To be honest, this didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would. My hosting provider got re-incorporated into its parent, and instead of them just moving all the data over on their end (they own all the hardware), they made me do it. This meant that everyone whom I’d given a blocklevel.com email account account to, had to manually back-up their mail, and re-upload to the new account. That sucks. I use IMAP, and I am still not finished transferring all my email.

Their customer service has been difficult. They have a phone number, but no one picks up, and you can’t leave a message. Their email response time is much slower than the old ISP, and I don’t have a single person handling a single ticket. This means having to re-explain things to a bunch of people.

I hope everything else goes smoothly, as I’m looking at some much cooler hosting plans that will enable me to have large amounts of space and huge transfer for not too much more a month, and it will allow me to house as many domains in that space as I wish. VPS is looking like a much more interesting option.